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How Do Social Media Algorithm Works?

How Do Social Media Algorithm Works?

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Social media marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to reach out to customers and potential customers.

People use social media to discover, learn about, follow, and shop from brands, so if you’re not on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you’re missing out! Excellent social media marketing can push your business to new heights by growing loyal brand followers and boost leads and revenue for a long term.

According to SimilarWeb, after and with so many users on these platforms, there is a need for order and relevance, which an algorithm provides.

Marketers struggle to keep up with changing social media algorithms. We can’t possibly know every detail that goes into each change, but we have an idea. The algorithm in use determines how you rank in social media ads and where your content appears in a user’s feed.

What Do Social Media Algorithms Mean?

As of December 2021, there were approximately 4.5 billion internet users, with social media accounting for approximately 57% of the global population. Monitoring and managing that is a massive task. This is why algorithms are so important for determining the legitimacy and placing of social media profiles and content.

One of the big changes in recent years has been a user-friendly focus which encourages social media users and content creators to share relevant, high-quality content and interact with customers.

Why Do Exist and Change Time to Time?

On social media, algorithms are used to figure content in a user’s feed. With more and more content available, it’s a method for social media networks to highlight content based on multiple of factors.

An algorithm’s purpose is to search out irrelevant or low-quality content. If your content does not meet the criteria, it may be hidden or concealed from user feeds.

Moreover, as Google brings a new ranking signal – page experience – it’s critical that you brush up on core web fundamentals to ensure your content is seen by both crawlers and users.

Types of Social Media Algorithms

Algorithms on social media differ depending on the platform. You can segment it by social media brand.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are the most popular platforms. Here’s an overview of each, as well as how they presently rank content and users.

Facebook Algorithm:

The key to Facebook’s algorithm design is effective and meaningful customer engagement. It was designed to increase the importance and viewer numbers of local and friendly posts over business posts. It consists of four ranking signals:

  • Popularity
  • Content type
  • Relationship
  • Recent Posts

Some Helpful Tips For Working With The Facebook Algorithm:

  1. Build connections in order for your brand to respond to comments and inquiries.
  2. Grab attention with reaction buttons more than just a ‘like’ button.
  3. Use Facebook Stories because they do not rely on the algorithm to be seen.
  4. Live video generates more engagement and it is preferred by the algorithm.
  5. Always post relevant and factually accurate postings and not misleading the users.

Instagram Algorithm:

TikTok is a social media platform that is rapidly growing in popularity. TikTok’s personalized algorithm is so effective because it categorizes videos in the addictive ‘For You’ feed. But how exactly does it work?

Here are a few simple and direct ranking signals for TikTok content:

  • Captions and hashtags
  • User interaction
  • Account and device settings, such as country and language

LinkedIn Algorithm:

LinkedIn is a social networking site that focuses on networking rather than building followers. It is currently the most popular platform among Fortune 500 companies.

LinkedIn’s algorithm is based on relationship and interaction. The algorithm is designed to increase involvement and participation prioritizing relevant content.

Since 2018, LinkedIn’s algorithm has seen a 50% increase in viral activity year on year.

Some Helpful Tips For Utilizing LinkedIn Algorithm:

  1. Include 3 to 10 hashtags in your post.
  2. Likes and reactions are less important than comments.
  3. The time someone spends on a post is important, so make your content interesting.
  4. Expand your network by engaging with relevant people.
  5. Encouraging employees to be active on the platform.
  6. By participating in LinkedIn Groups.
  7. Consider running LinkedIn ads to expand your network and audience.
  8. Use analytics to determine which content is effective.

Twitter Algorithm:

When Twitter first launched in 2006, it ranked posts based on the timeline, focusing on the day and time instead of the content. Today, Twitter’s algorithm is more complex, relying on real significance rather than purely on time when it was published.

Pinterest Algorithm:

People’s search queries and actions changed in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as they looked for products that shared their values.

According to Pinterest, this has three impacts for brands:

  1. Understand your values.
  2. Ads that are based on your values, not just your products, should be tested.
  3. Explain how buying and selling from you is valuable for the customers.

Pinterest has a very different layout and follower strategy. Its algorithm is built around four key elements:

  1. Relevance of the Topic
  2. The Pin’s Quality
  3. Quality of the Domain
  4. The quality of Pinner

Personal Thoughts:

The most important thing to remember, irrespective of which platforms you use and how you use them, is that social networking is not a platform for pitching only your business. It’s a place where you can express yourself, showcase your values, share valuable information, and help those around you. There would be no need for pitching because people will naturally trust you, follow you and promote your content.


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